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Social Research

Our social research expertise includes conducting social development research including, Financial & Livelihood studies, Social Cash Transfer surveys, Governance, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, HIV/AIDS amongst others. We also monitor media content for social impact.

Our Capabilities

BrandComm Limited is dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their social impact objectives by delivering innovative and actionable research and media solutions. We understand the significance of research in decision-making and policy formulation, which is why we invest heavily in research to provide reliable and accurate information to our clients. Our research capabilities span across social, economic, and political research using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Our media solutions ensure that our clients’ messages reach their target audience effectively, utilizing sophisticated media monitoring technology for comprehensive media coverage including social media platforms.
BrandComm has a team of experts with capabilities in designing Cross -Sectional Research,Longitudinal Studies, Case Studies, and Experimental Research as well as Baseline, Midterm and End line project evaluations. We conduct face to face, telephonic and online surveys.
We conduct large-scale surveys to assess development indicators or to inform program and evaluation design.
We focus on quality results and how our clients will use the information to make policy and evidenced based program decisions. Our etho is based on leveraging on specialists and partnerships aimed at strengthening our capabilities in offering high level research output; using customized approach in addressing our client research challenges. Our management organogram is therefore designed with consultants at the center of business.

Our Sustainable Development Goals Media Monitoring Capabilities

BrandComm values the role of monitoring and evaluation as an essential component in measurement of uptake and overall use of messaging by target audience and its usefulness in measuring campaign impact.In our quest to support our clients’ media socialimpact. we have set up a media monitoring service based on our own software combined with the knowledge of our media specialist teams who provide expert guidance on what to monitor and review coverage to meet clients’ exact requirements,24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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